Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yaplog o.O ?

I'm there I'm there I'm there !!
yay 叫び finally i'm there weee オバケ
This is all thanks to Mariya onee-chan {ハート}ドキドキ
and Umi since she let me do that べーっだ!
eventhough i don't know why i asked her o-o

YAPLOG !! that's what i'm talking about =P

kawaii namae na ラブラブ
Yaplog !! Yaplog !! Yaplog !!
i can't stop saying it ショック! help (◎`ε´◎ )
Yaplog !!Yaplog !! ( lol ? )

well i'm kinda new there ニコニコ ( ok obviously not kinda but YES)
so the one who already being familiar with that Yaplog !!
help me deshou はてなマークonegaishimasu ビックリマーク

That blog is cute ラブラブ! and i want to picnh it ( LOLWTF ? ) ok stop saying bad . zipp . カゼ
It's all with cute pink colour , cute emoticons にひひ , cute picture , cute cartoon 叫び <--- obviously not cute =="
eh wait ビックリマーク
what if a Guy do that . It's all in pink o-o gay gay =P

i want to update with twitter too yay {deco:otomedojo~1343}
i will soon ;) ( i only did it XD )

Juts now i saw JUMP commenting on Nee-chan's blog 恋の矢
and i saw him there , so i was like O_O ?
why wasn't he talk to me ? soo.... i was ...being..fbrgayruiruibvthgubevg54uyg
talk to me please シラー what ? you want me to beg you or what o-o
No way i will do that <----- ego girl ;)
so..i'm kinda sad demo Mimi ( Umi i called her Mimi but it's not official haha =P )
she told me maybe he online using phone . oh maybe that's right O:
or maybe they will online on MS later but yeah not until now (laughs)
so upset しょぼん upset しょぼん upset しょぼん

I'm skipping class now !! LOLXD i'm at home !! にひひ
first i'm kinda scared to tell my daddy that i want to skip school プンプン
that time i was laying my upper body on the table チョキ
then suddenly sit straight and asked " daddy can i skip ? "
then he said " skip what? school?" and i was like " yeah "
he replied " again ? " so i said " yeah but yesterday the school principal she called the students who skip school more that 10 days from January until now but i didn't get called since i have MC ( clinic's letter ) and such so it's still okay , right daddy ? "then he said " Mira i know you want to skip just want to play computer at home right ? you didn't study " " What? NO ! i did studied but you didn't see it since you work at office " but then he get up and asked me to stand and go to school but still i didn't get up , but after a few minutes i did and went to wear my stockins then he said " you didn't want to go to school cause you tired right? " and i said " yeah i am " , then " so ,why would you go to KL this weekends since you tired , you still in quarantine time so you need to rest Mira " i said " yeah i know but i want to go , but if you didn't let me i won't go daddy.." then he said " okay , i will let you stay at house today but you can't go to KL , is it alright ? " and i was like " O-O ? o..okay daddy" so it's done ! here i am in front of my computer and can't go to KL this weekends with my friends T^T oh for your information KL is like a big city of Malaysia , and we guys often go holiday there since there's so much things o-o

okay....now i don't know what to say..むっ

AH ! now i remember Mimi said if i don't know what to write
write about i woke up early this morning にひひ
so yeah i woke up so early =P
it was like 4.30 a.m , yeah at that time , early isn't it ?
i woke up cause i have to eat since i will fast
you know what is fast ? if don't, it's like , for my religion
we can't eat from the sunrise until sun go down
we can't eat anything , drink anything or do something that is forbidden
hard isn't it ? bu't its fun ! cause it makes me more patience , and most important , THIN LOL XD
and it also makes our body organ rest from it's work ^^

i guess maybe until now only ~
it's too much already i guess?
so i will go now ,
jee ne !
bye bye~ ペタしてね

p/s : Itoshi online please , i'll wait since i've something to tell you . I love you so much ニコニコ


Tsuki. said...

neechan , ni tsuki . ingat lg tak ?
dh lme tak chat. bleh x nk mintak no. neechan ? reply kt blog tsuki ;http://kevinwooholiclove.blogspot.com/

yuki hikari said...

hey igt sgt!!
okay akak bg nnty xD


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