Friday, August 20, 2010

Hi Minna ^^

Hi Minna , how are you ? i hope you guys happy na ,
if you guys happy , i'm happy too ^_____^
Sorry for not been updated for long , i know i'm bad ガーン
and i'm sorry , i really want to demo i'm so busy with school and such T_T
School is killing me T_T demo daijoubu ,
cause when i'm sad , going to school is the best medicine
cause i can jokes with my friends , so i can forget all my problems
OMG only now i realised that i didn't do my homework yet TOT
i will later !!! >.< gomen ne homework , wait for me ! :P

i slept at 4.00 am and i woke up at 7.00 a.m O_O
i only slept at 3 hours ? WTF hhaha but this is normal
i've once slept only 1 hour o.O true !!

My birthday has passed isn't it ?


i've become 16 o_o and getting older =,=
i don't want old , i want to be young again
when i'm still young , what i want mostly i can get
and i don't think i know what means of hurt ( accept bleeding :P)

My wish for this year is
i wish i could forget all the bad memories for this year
i've cried too much , and i wish i could erase all the memories ,
the hurt feeling and everything T_T
i hate being hurt , yet people still hurting me , why =(

last night he on ,
i'm so happy ~~!!
but then he came talk to me , being mad
and i was like O_O
he asked me whether i told everyone that me and him are together
he keep saying that he never told me that me and him are together
and where did you get it ? from HER ?
just WTF , i don't want to talk about it anymore
cause when i asked who said it
you don't want to say and asked me to search myself
PLEASE , you think i have 1 friend ? urrghhh
for your information MR , i never told it to anyone
but if i do , maybe i was mistaken ,
but seriously do you have to mad at me ?
you already made me ccried almost 5 times on my birthday
5 times yabu , 5 times , and it's on my birthday
is it worth to you ?
and as you know , i thought my birthday would be the best ever day for me
but it turns out to be the worst day ever to me ,
are you satisfied with that ?
i know you don't love me
but you don't have to hurt me on my birthday !!!!
i want to be happy not sad !!!!! I HATE YOU !!!!
i hate you i hate you i hate you !!!!!
don't you realised that i love you
when i said about it , you keep telling about hikaru
well if he loves me ,
why don't even he talked to me ?!!!
T_T that what you called love ?
if he loves me so much , he would do anything to talk to me
i mean he would to EVERYTHING ,
but yet he didn't T_T
i dont understand anymore
i felt like im wrong when i came to Myspace
i dont know why i came , it hurts me much
but i'm happy to know more friends , and new sisters
thanks everyone , i'm so happy to meet you guys
if one day i go , i hope you guys won't forget me ^___^
cause i'll never forget you guys :)
i think i gave my heart wrong person
why is it , wheneverr i went to a place ,
there must be , i mean something must be happen
that makes me hurt so badly , why ?
i've tried to nice to everyone , why you don't see it ?
and search all my fault ? and used it to trick me? =(

to justin neechan ,
i'm happy you won't go ,
but i will , i hope u understand ,
and i hope you happy with him ^___^
don't hurt him okay ? promise ?
jaa ne love you <3

to yabu and hikaru ,
i love you two ,
i will sacrifice ,
your friendship is important than me ,
i will go
eventhough it hurts me so much
i will
hope someday we can meet
and being friends :)
but i dont think we can
cause i felt like
i will leave soon...T_T
jaa ne :) love you <3

Minna , i go first ,
eventhough i delete Myspace ,
i will still on in YM and here :)
i will keep updating about myself
well if you want to know , :)


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