Friday, August 20, 2010

Hi Minna ^^

Hi Minna , how are you ? i hope you guys happy na ,
if you guys happy , i'm happy too ^_____^
Sorry for not been updated for long , i know i'm bad ガーン
and i'm sorry , i really want to demo i'm so busy with school and such T_T
School is killing me T_T demo daijoubu ,
cause when i'm sad , going to school is the best medicine
cause i can jokes with my friends , so i can forget all my problems
OMG only now i realised that i didn't do my homework yet TOT
i will later !!! >.< gomen ne homework , wait for me ! :P

i slept at 4.00 am and i woke up at 7.00 a.m O_O
i only slept at 3 hours ? WTF hhaha but this is normal
i've once slept only 1 hour o.O true !!

My birthday has passed isn't it ?


i've become 16 o_o and getting older =,=
i don't want old , i want to be young again
when i'm still young , what i want mostly i can get
and i don't think i know what means of hurt ( accept bleeding :P)

My wish for this year is
i wish i could forget all the bad memories for this year
i've cried too much , and i wish i could erase all the memories ,
the hurt feeling and everything T_T
i hate being hurt , yet people still hurting me , why =(

last night he on ,
i'm so happy ~~!!
but then he came talk to me , being mad
and i was like O_O
he asked me whether i told everyone that me and him are together
he keep saying that he never told me that me and him are together
and where did you get it ? from HER ?
just WTF , i don't want to talk about it anymore
cause when i asked who said it
you don't want to say and asked me to search myself
PLEASE , you think i have 1 friend ? urrghhh
for your information MR , i never told it to anyone
but if i do , maybe i was mistaken ,
but seriously do you have to mad at me ?
you already made me ccried almost 5 times on my birthday
5 times yabu , 5 times , and it's on my birthday
is it worth to you ?
and as you know , i thought my birthday would be the best ever day for me
but it turns out to be the worst day ever to me ,
are you satisfied with that ?
i know you don't love me
but you don't have to hurt me on my birthday !!!!
i want to be happy not sad !!!!! I HATE YOU !!!!
i hate you i hate you i hate you !!!!!
don't you realised that i love you
when i said about it , you keep telling about hikaru
well if he loves me ,
why don't even he talked to me ?!!!
T_T that what you called love ?
if he loves me so much , he would do anything to talk to me
i mean he would to EVERYTHING ,
but yet he didn't T_T
i dont understand anymore
i felt like im wrong when i came to Myspace
i dont know why i came , it hurts me much
but i'm happy to know more friends , and new sisters
thanks everyone , i'm so happy to meet you guys
if one day i go , i hope you guys won't forget me ^___^
cause i'll never forget you guys :)
i think i gave my heart wrong person
why is it , wheneverr i went to a place ,
there must be , i mean something must be happen
that makes me hurt so badly , why ?
i've tried to nice to everyone , why you don't see it ?
and search all my fault ? and used it to trick me? =(

to justin neechan ,
i'm happy you won't go ,
but i will , i hope u understand ,
and i hope you happy with him ^___^
don't hurt him okay ? promise ?
jaa ne love you <3

to yabu and hikaru ,
i love you two ,
i will sacrifice ,
your friendship is important than me ,
i will go
eventhough it hurts me so much
i will
hope someday we can meet
and being friends :)
but i dont think we can
cause i felt like
i will leave soon...T_T
jaa ne :) love you <3

Minna , i go first ,
eventhough i delete Myspace ,
i will still on in YM and here :)
i will keep updating about myself
well if you want to know , :)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yaplog o.O ?

I'm there I'm there I'm there !!
yay 叫び finally i'm there weee オバケ
This is all thanks to Mariya onee-chan {ハート}ドキドキ
and Umi since she let me do that べーっだ!
eventhough i don't know why i asked her o-o

YAPLOG !! that's what i'm talking about =P

kawaii namae na ラブラブ
Yaplog !! Yaplog !! Yaplog !!
i can't stop saying it ショック! help (◎`ε´◎ )
Yaplog !!Yaplog !! ( lol ? )

well i'm kinda new there ニコニコ ( ok obviously not kinda but YES)
so the one who already being familiar with that Yaplog !!
help me deshou はてなマークonegaishimasu ビックリマーク

That blog is cute ラブラブ! and i want to picnh it ( LOLWTF ? ) ok stop saying bad . zipp . カゼ
It's all with cute pink colour , cute emoticons にひひ , cute picture , cute cartoon 叫び <--- obviously not cute =="
eh wait ビックリマーク
what if a Guy do that . It's all in pink o-o gay gay =P

i want to update with twitter too yay {deco:otomedojo~1343}
i will soon ;) ( i only did it XD )

Juts now i saw JUMP commenting on Nee-chan's blog 恋の矢
and i saw him there , so i was like O_O ?
why wasn't he talk to me ? soo.... i was ...being..fbrgayruiruibvthgubevg54uyg
talk to me please シラー what ? you want me to beg you or what o-o
No way i will do that <----- ego girl ;)
so..i'm kinda sad demo Mimi ( Umi i called her Mimi but it's not official haha =P )
she told me maybe he online using phone . oh maybe that's right O:
or maybe they will online on MS later but yeah not until now (laughs)
so upset しょぼん upset しょぼん upset しょぼん

I'm skipping class now !! LOLXD i'm at home !! にひひ
first i'm kinda scared to tell my daddy that i want to skip school プンプン
that time i was laying my upper body on the table チョキ
then suddenly sit straight and asked " daddy can i skip ? "
then he said " skip what? school?" and i was like " yeah "
he replied " again ? " so i said " yeah but yesterday the school principal she called the students who skip school more that 10 days from January until now but i didn't get called since i have MC ( clinic's letter ) and such so it's still okay , right daddy ? "then he said " Mira i know you want to skip just want to play computer at home right ? you didn't study " " What? NO ! i did studied but you didn't see it since you work at office " but then he get up and asked me to stand and go to school but still i didn't get up , but after a few minutes i did and went to wear my stockins then he said " you didn't want to go to school cause you tired right? " and i said " yeah i am " , then " so ,why would you go to KL this weekends since you tired , you still in quarantine time so you need to rest Mira " i said " yeah i know but i want to go , but if you didn't let me i won't go daddy.." then he said " okay , i will let you stay at house today but you can't go to KL , is it alright ? " and i was like " O-O ? o..okay daddy" so it's done ! here i am in front of my computer and can't go to KL this weekends with my friends T^T oh for your information KL is like a big city of Malaysia , and we guys often go holiday there since there's so much things o-o i don't know what to say..むっ

AH ! now i remember Mimi said if i don't know what to write
write about i woke up early this morning にひひ
so yeah i woke up so early =P
it was like 4.30 a.m , yeah at that time , early isn't it ?
i woke up cause i have to eat since i will fast
you know what is fast ? if don't, it's like , for my religion
we can't eat from the sunrise until sun go down
we can't eat anything , drink anything or do something that is forbidden
hard isn't it ? bu't its fun ! cause it makes me more patience , and most important , THIN LOL XD
and it also makes our body organ rest from it's work ^^

i guess maybe until now only ~
it's too much already i guess?
so i will go now ,
jee ne !
bye bye~ ペタしてね

p/s : Itoshi online please , i'll wait since i've something to tell you . I love you so much ニコニコ

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dreamer + Ai Scream

yay ビックリマーク

i love JUMP NO 1 ドキドキ kakkoi na ビックリマーク

demo シラー here i wanna talk about DASH ビックリマーク

I love this song !! hehe にひひ

it increases my spirit !! haha メラメラ

jaa i wanna say about JUMP NO.1 ビックリマーク

Dreamer ドキドキ

this song is wonderful.
It makes me cry しょぼん
why yabu knows how to make sad song ニコニコ
demo i still pissed off cause the song really pointed to me since its about all dream will not come true . IIE !!
Nothing is impossible !!

I love you Yabu かお

Infinity ドキドキ

I love this song にひひ
Its so cute
I also have done learning the chorus steps ビックリマーク ehe (=⌒▽⌒=)
Motto Motto Kono teno ba sou ~~
Never Never give up oh yeah べーっだ!

I miss you Hikaru あせる

Shinku ドキドキ

Its a passionate song i cant deny
good job Pigboy グッド!
Im addicted to this song :P

Gambaretsugo ドキドキ

I LOVE THIS SONG !! Its too cute (* ̄Oノ ̄*)
I also learn this steps !! ngee !

Smile Song ドキドキ

kawaii yo~!

Memories ドキドキ

This song is sad (。>0<。)
I will always go with my way ne....

Time ドキドキ

TIME TIME TIME TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SUGOI 叫び
This song is too cool O: even the ice jealous of it にひひ
Good job Yuyaan to Dai-chan クラッカー

Score ドキドキ

Yabu really know how to write song deshou
Hikaru's rap part sugoi ビックリマーク


YAY ! My favourite song <3
all rap 合格
boku no naka no LOVELOVELOVELOVE


why you are so good ラブラブ!
I love this song soooooooooooooooo much キスマーク


Welcome JUMP べーっだ!
I will always support you guys
eventhough u made me cried of this song (*^o^*)
demo why there are sayonara O_O

okayyy i love the special mix at the end of Thank You song ラブラブ
Its so damn cool ショック!

Here JUMP special message of Regular Album

This is the translate !!

[Yabu Kota]
This is Yabu Kota
Everyone, thank you for all your support
I’ve been thinking for a few days how we can repay all of you.
And this time we wrote the song “Thank You.”
We thought of ways to put down our feelings of thanks for those who supported us and made it into a song
Everyone, please continue to support us from now on as well.
Let’s continue to make many wonderful memories.
Bye Bye

a/n : His voice is sexy *gulp*

[Chinen Yuri]
Hello. This is Chinen Yuri.
To the Juliette that I trust the most.
I love you, I love you.
I love you too much that ~I LOVE YOU~
Just kidding.
Everyone, I love you~
This time I’m serious
Bye Bye
This was Chinen Yuri

[Takaki Yuya]
Hello everyone, this is Takaki Yuya
Ummm… I… it has been 6 years since I joined the agency, exactly about 6 years
but thanks to everyone, I was able to work hard to reach this point.
From now on, please continue to support us.
We’ll also like to work hard for your smiles.
Yes… See you… Bye Bye
Wo ai ni ( Chinese words mean I love you ) XD

[Morimoto Ryutaro]
This is Morimoto Ryutaro
Everyone, thank you for listening till the end.
Everyone, will you listen to it again?
Yes~ This will definitely be a hit.
This was Morimoto Ryutaro

[Yaotome Hikaru]
Hello, Hikaru here.
I hope you will listen to this album everyday and have lots and lots of fun.
Well then…!!
Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye
Ow !

( The Bye bye instead sound like baby then byebye :P )

[Okamoto Keito]
Hi,this is Okamoto Keito.
I think I am able to go on like this because of everyone’s smiles.
Please take care of us in the future, 10 years from now, even 100 years from now as well
Thank you always
See you~

[Arioka Daiki]
Hello, this is Arioka Daiki!
Thank you for always supporting us.
I continuously think that thanks to everyone, JUMP is able to release an album
Please take care of us from now on as well.
Oh! and the song “Time,”
I was given the opportunity to arrange it.
I hope you all can feel each and every note.
Let’s meet again in our 2nd album
See you next album
Bye Bye !

[Nakajima Yuto]
This is Nakajima
Everyone, follow us!
This was Yuto!
Bye Bye

[Inoo Kei]
How is everyone doing?
I’m Inoo Kei
Thank you for always being our support.
We were able to release our first album because everyone was next to us.
Thank you very very much.
Everyone, and to end this…
(iino arigatou) it’s fine… Thank You!
Bye Bye~!

[Yamada Ryosuke]
This is Yamada Ryosuke.
Everyone… thank you.
We think about this every day and work hard.
JUMP is here because everyone is here.
Yes… it’s true
Please follow Hey! Say! JUMP from now on as well.
That’s all. This was Yamada Ryosuke.

This is what i wanna say about the message

Yabu : Why your voice so sexy ? * gulp * you scared me ビックリマーク
Chinen : I love you too <3
Takaki : Wo ai ni :D
Morimoto : It is a short message o_o
Yaotome Hikaru : kawaii ! baby (^з^)-☆Chu!!
Keito : See you too..
Daiki : soo cute (>.<) penguin !!
Yuto : 叫び URUSAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Inoo : Although you're fat..but your voice is cute =P
Yamada : hoo kakkoi pigboy :P

here i wanna put Yabu's song , My Everything
i mean the meaning えっ

My Everything - Yabu Kota

Times, when the twinkling stars close their eyes
And when I didn't notice when the wind vanish, comes
This feeling won't change, You are the one
I love you no matter when

In my heart, inside my heart, silently
But your existence is definitely there
Since that time, you've became more important than anything else
Can you listen to my heart?
Want you to know
I really wanna say to you
That you are the only one
You are everything, You are my everything
Our eternal future, from here, starts moving too
Until the end of time my everything

Wow, we will embrace the warmth
We will turn our hands to the gentleness
And then, our whispers will bring us together
The two of us will be one

Want you to know
I really wanna say to you
That you are the only one
You are everything, You are my everything
Our eternal future, from here, starts moving too
Until the end of time my everything

I won't let you go, You are my everything
And (you) have to know
You gotta listen to my heart
I can be the one for you
Until the end of time My everything
My everything

Soooo beautifull..
you're my everything Kota..しょぼん

credits to , arigatou ( ̄▽ ̄)=3

jaa ne minna
bye bye べーっだ!



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