Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gomen late update >o< demo for this blog , its SUPER fast deshou ? :P

minna minna minna...
how to edit blogskin むっ im still dont know how to use it o(TωT )

first i just open it and yeah all cute skin appear 恋の矢
but then ?!!! o-o

yeah im sorry for long update カゼ too lazy シラー hehe !

oh yeah i'll tell you about two guys..(@Д@;)
are they fighting or something ? メラメラ
demo nevermind , dont want to talk about it :P
its private ngahaha にひひ

ah !!

there's Pigboy's new song ニコニコ

well its not his solo , its JUMP's songs ,
but who cares ? its still Yamada's words :P i mean he wrote it deshou ?
so its his song !!!!

anyway , here it is , PIGBOY's song ,


PIGBOY PIGBOY !! YABE my mama will mad at me calling him Pigboy
(((( ;°Д°))))

demo..still Pigboy :P

Love me Show me Tell me ~~

oh ビックリーク i've already learned the dance step ! its nice yo ビックリマーク thanks to Pigboy :P

demo this is a little bit information about the song

Lyrics: Yamada Ryosuke 
Music:Fredrik Hult
Arangements: h-wonder

Mama said its swedish , i mean the music and arrangements is from swedish-ISH O-O

DEMO they three looks not happyしょぼん
Hikaru just normal , demo he looks pale Y(>_<、)Y

and other two are like ROBOT
but..poor them しょぼん maybe they're too tired TOT

anou sa ビックリマーク that's just not the songs who made me umph ! lol

but there's the other song ^^
from my Old Hulk xD


i cried watching this video ..O-O ! eh ! O_O !

no not watching , but hearing T_T
its really sad..the song , not sad , but wonderful ,

hontou ni wonderful ..


just like before , Mirai / Asu e , My everything . Chikai no sora ,
adn others , those are wonderful songs !!

OLD HULK ! tell me if you have secrets えっ
i wanna learn too !! :P

oh about the information too xD

Lyrics:Yabu Kota
Arrangements: 高橋哲也、佐藤泰将

HE made it..AGAIN ドキドキ

aha , oh before i go , let me tell the list of song that are in their 1st Album

JUMP NO. 1 !!! :P they chose that name cause if there their second album , the album will be JUMP NO. 2 ,

GOOD JOB クラッカー

aha okay here it is

Lyrics:Yabu Kota Music:BOUNCEBACK
Arrangements: 高橋哲也、佐藤泰将

Lyrics:Yaotome Hikaru Music:内田智之
Arrangements: CHOKKAKU

3. 瞳のスクリーン [Hitomi no Screen]
Lyrics: 村野直球 Music: 馬飼野康二

4.真紅 [Shinku (=crimson)]
Lyrics: Yamada Ryosuke Music:Fredrik Hult
Arangements: h-wonder

5.ガンバレッツゴー! [Ganbaretsugo!]
Lyrics: 藤林聖子、MAKOTO
Music & Arrangements: h-wonder

6.情熱JUMP [Jounetsu JUMP]
Lyrics: ma-saya Music: BOUNCEBACK
Arrangements: 船山基紀

7.すまいるそんぐ [Sumairu songu (=smile song)]
Lyrics: Chinen Yuri Music: Shusui, Hirofumi Sasaki

Lyrics: ma-saya Music: 加藤裕介

9. Dreams come true
Lyrics: 久保田洋司 Music:馬飼野康二
Arrangements: CHOKKAKU

Lyrics: Takaki Yuya Music: 平田祥一郎
Arrangements: Arioka Daiki, Eddy

Lyrics: Yabu Kota Music: JOEY CARBONE and STEVEN LEE
Arrangements: 前口渉 RAP lyrics: Yaotome Hikaru

12. Your Seed
Lyrics: ma-saya Music: h-wonder
Arrangements: ha-j

13.アイ☆スクリーム [Ai☆sukuriimu (=love scream / I scream)
Lyrics & Music: Yaotome Hikaru
Arrangements: 磯崎健史、吉岡たく

14. 真夜中のシャドーボーイ [Mayonaka no Shadow Boy]
Lyrics: ma-saya Music:馬飼野康二
Arrangements: 馬飼野康二、石塚知生

Lyrics: Nakajima Yuto Music: 原一博
Arrangements: 川端良征、清水昭男

16. Ultra Music Power
Lyrics: MSS Music: 馬飼野康二
Arrangements: CHOKKAKU

17.Thank You ~僕たちから君へ~ [Thank You ~ Bokutachi kara kime e (= thank you from us to you)]
Lyrics: Hey! Say! JUMP Music: STVEN LEE
Arrangements: 船山基紀 Song Co-ordination:JOEY CARBONE

and this is the album cover

(i've ordered this one ! it will arrived two weeks after 7th July T_T late , but daijoubu ! as long as i can get it )


Hey! Say! JUMP Album - JUMP No.1 (LE)
- RM 150
First album release from Hey! Say! Jump featuring their debut song "Ultra Music Power" to the latest song "Hitomi no Screen," newly-created songs and more for 17 tracks total (subject to change). Limited edition includes a 40-page premium booklet. Features an alternate jacket artwork.

its sold out already しょぼん
but luckily i bought it ! from
and im the last person order , i mean i got the last stock o-o



Hey! Say! JUMP Album - JUMP No.1 (RE)
- RM 145 ( Ringgit Malaysia )
- 2381yen ( Yen )
- US$ 26.61 ( US Dollar )

First album release from Hey! Say! Jump featuring their debut song "Ultra Music Power" to the latest song "Hitomi no Screen," newly-created songs and more for 17 tracks total (subject to change). Features an alternate jacket artwork. *Second press version will includes regular booklet.

gomen its smaller than the LE covers :P i couldn't find the bigger one ! well its just RM 5 difference , so why not i buy the LE one !! :P

thats all i thinkにひひ

see you next time ビックリマーク


bye ビックリマーク


Gabriela Maria Quincy said...

this is the same post like in your ameblo ne? haha anyway i already read it ^^ pigboy XP its still funny for me haha

yuki hikari said...

hahahahahha yeah same XD
i forgot lol hahahahah :P

pigboy !!!!!!

a i said...

hey ya pig. hhahaha.
hey. tell yer mom to buy suju album. buy 2. one for me one for yer mom. none for you. hahahaha :D

yuki hikari said...

u commented =.=
all about suju wakakaakka

i wont hahahahha
serve u right XD

a i said...

:( i hate you. meh blk yabu aku!

Gabriela Maria Quincy said...

haha how can you forgot? ==" you are the one who made it ne? hahaha lol

yuki hikari said...

ai : awwwww want ur yabu back ?
eh how about his new song ? XD

maria : idk ! i just forgot hahahahahha XD yabu's song !!!

a i said...

ceh. i dont want him. gimme heechul :D

Gabriela Maria Quincy said...

haaa yabu's song!! XD dreamer!! i cant stop hearing it =="

yuki hikari said...

maria : same with me :xxxxxxxxx
chah : lol i wont , just take ur kyuhyun XD

Gabriela Maria Quincy said...

waaa i love dreamer ==V

Massy says said...

hi mira, you asked when will i comment your blog, so here i am commenting it right NOW at exactly 10.00 pm :)

yuki hikari said...

massy : lol at my blog it stated 11.01 :P
maria : i love dreamer toooooooooooooooooooooo made me cried TOT yabu..~~

Massy says said...

your blog is crazy :)

Gabriela Maria Quincy said...

huaaa yeah :'( yabu~ LOL

yuki hikari said...

crazy ? lol i setting it to japan time XD

yuki hikari said...

maria : hahahahaaha LOLXD

yuki hikari said...

maria : hahahahaaha LOLXD

yuki hikari said...

maria : hmm yabu TOT

a i said...

massy: this blog is not crazy. the owner is though.
i like donghae la~ i HAVE to give kyuhyun to lily -________-

yuki hikari said...

oi oi im not !!!!!!!! eh donghae ? laaaaa siannya bkn lily siwon ka ?


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