Friday, April 16, 2010


as all you can read yeah these months TOO MANY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aarrghh and i have to post it all here =_= but its OKAY since i love all my future-be-on-my-blog ( WTH ? ) i will post it ALL , just see who is born on ~

lets get started with MARCH , since i didn't updated long , so its MUST include the 3rd month too..:P


19th March 1994

yeah !!!!! its FATIN ~ well she is funny , thats the most common words to describe her xD
she is my KODIANG'S TWIN !! WOOHOO :D her grandma and mine is bestfren ^^ haha xD

26TH March 1990

YUUYAAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRETTY GIRRAFE XD it
s yuyaan's birthday !! yay nee-chan !!!!!!!
you're old..o_o this is your 20th birthday !! hope you stay sekushii ~~ xD


1st April 1993

its KEITO ~!!! OKA-SAN XD HAHA so ur 17 now ne ? keep kakkoi ~!!

6th April 1995

YOSH ~~ its MORI-CHAN's birthday !! alala my kawaii imouto ~ keep being kawaii !! and being more matured !!! HOHO now ur getting taller o-o

6th April 1992

KAK PNUT ~!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ HAHA its so funny when i remember of her , she is just my secret admire xD HHOO but i dont think it is :/ but her birthday same as mori-chan :D

8th April 1994

OTX !!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY ~~ I LOBVE YOU SO MUCH !!! Please keep being my bestfriend ^^ dont leave me ne ~~ :) i hope you happy always :DD dont forget me !!!

9th April 1985

AWWWWWWWW SO SWEET this picture :DDD oh my yamapi ~ you're already 25 O: Marry
me !! hahahaha LOL XD

12th April 1994

HA..HA...HA....HA.....chibi =.= happy birthday ! hahaa her birthday same as my classmates too , i mean ex-classmates , its Wawa and Lida :)

15th April 1991

YUUHUU ~ Dai-Chan ~ lately i found that he is really cute :P
Happy birthday !! his smile :DDDDDDDDDDD


4th May 1990

ZULKHAIRI B. ZAMRI O-O my oldest brother..he is just like chibi..=.= they sick :/ but anyhow i love my brother ^^ he is nice :) GOOD BROTHER to me , glad i have him xD

9th May 1993

YAMA-CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAMA YAMA YAMA !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! im glad ur being my closefriend ^^ arigatou :DDD


16th June 1996

Okay if just now is her her !! Aki-chan !!! Tanjoubu omedatou ~!! BFF always !! xD

21st June 1994

OH my huneyy bunny bell ~ ur kawaii !! being sweet 16 !! woop and her birthday same as KIM RYEOWOOK :D haa ~~ her lovey ~ :D

22nd June 1990

its obessed elephant's birthday ~!! YAY !! keep being obess okay ? thats really suit you :P

aaahh now im finished , ah and um , if i left someone's birthday , PLEASE tell me , so i can add in , well im human , so i also forget be understanding <>


Maria said...

it seems you really like to call inoo with "obessed elephant" =.=" but its funny XD

yuki hikari said...

hahahha yeah i called him thet :P
but yabu defended him =.=

Gabriela Maria Quincy said...

=.=" is inoo obessed by the way? he looks slim to me o-o

yuki hikari said...

he look slim , but he likes to eat a thats why he is obessed

bella :) said...

thanks honey :D
bhahaha :D nice edit although only for few words =,= TEEHEE
ur are the best *thumbs up

yuki hikari said...

welcome bell !!
ahaha too lazy to say anything :P
aha thanks ~!!


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