Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FAILED ~~!!!

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME !! HELP ME !!! I HATE IT !!!!

WHOA ! * short breath short breath.

fuhh fuhh..ok. much better ~

aaah. COCROACH !! ewwwwww !! ew ! ew ! ew ! ew ! oh , this little monster thing remind me of a SLUT. aha. yeah , she's miyabi ~ oh no !!! gomen ne miyabi ! i really really like you just when u child !! ur kinda cute. BUT NOW !! nonononono~~~ because of the rumor about u and inoo-san ! I HATE YOU now~~!! anou, because u make my cute little sweetie friend , massy sad !! oh oh ! that would not be forgiven ! YEEPPIE !!

oh , back to that little monster ~ I HATE IT !! and IM SO SCARED OF IT !! anyone help me please ?? onegai ~~ try helping me to be BRAVER to face this little monster ..~ aiyyaaarkk~~!!

sorry hikaru dear , i dont think i can face my fear of cocroach.

28. Is okay with cockroaches and insects.

this is one of the requirements if you want to be hikaru’s girlfriend/wife, whichever you prefer. i prefer WIFE !!! lol. jkdbfcvbfhoiuqhfvuqe. HIKARU ! FASTER MARRY ME !!!

see, i failed already. lol. but you know what you will get if you get to have hikaru?

If we’re to become lovers

You’ll receive such privileges!

1. I’ll talk to you about cars everyday.

2. I’ll bring you outdoor and make you enjoy.

3. I’ll sing you lullaby.

4. I’ll wake you up by whispering into your ears.

5. I’ll make you laugh more then 30 times a day !

AHA !!

NAAAAA !!!! im so scared of no.4 !!!! that word make me shiver all around !!! agagagaga ~~ when i read it , i will be like squid , just like when i herd perfume's song " dream fighter " , i will be like SQUID !! yayayayaya ~~ and because of that , all my friends asked me to go and get ice cube to eat ! oh , then i will be solid again ! YAY !! aha . i ate the ice , so scared until i un fortunately swallow the ice ! *GULP* but seriously , that word really freaking me out !!! imagine that .....u are sleeping nicely ,dreaming wonderful thing ,..and and suddenly someone whisper into ur ears....uuuuu~~~ thats scary !!!!! KOWAI !!!!!!

so then i told my friend , and they all like it ! eeeehhhhh ??!! doesn't u feel it really freaky ?? ohoh ! oh yes ! thats really freaky ~ but i cant resist that would also be so awesome and lovely <33...slowly.. nicely , SEDUCTIVELY ., lustly..OMG !! i dont want to imagine that or i will die ! nonono , its my dream to marry him hikaru-chan , so i wont die ! - the end -

I’D DOOOO ANYTHING TO HAVE THIS MAN WAKE ME UP EVERY MORNING. COCROACH, COME HERE~ (ookay no, i still can’t do that). kjbdiubchinw.

but really, number 4, maybe i’d purposely wake up late every morning just so i could have him wake me up.

no.1 ..na , WHA-T ?? CARS ?? ok, i've read that his collectins are car magazines, and his hobby is reading that magazines..but hikaru-chan . do u need to talk about cars with me ?? unless im a TOMBOY ~ but, to make him happy ~~ ayayaya , i will try to love cars ~ car car , make me fall in love with you ~~!!! lol.

no.2.OH !! I LOVE THIS !! outdoor ?? alalalala~~~~ lets go shopping ?? oh , how if he hates waiting ?? O.O..emm, if that so , how about we go to the theme park ?? riding rollercoster ??OOOHHH !! HIKARU HATES ROLLERCOASTER ! yabai ~!


no.3. lullaby ?? ulala~~~ i think i will sleep in his arm early everynight if he sings lullaby ~ oh , thats so sweet honey ~~~

also number 5! nyaaa~ maybe every minutes, every seconds , i will laugh !! LOL. !

i love this man. ♥♥♥♥♥♥



Massy says said...

lawak la!
u must live with cockroaches from now on
ptu kna mkn ice cube xhenti

'my cute little sweetie friend , massy sad !! oh oh ! that would not be forgiven ! YEEPPIE !!'

terharu :)

yuki hikari said...

lawak ? ^_^
oh no !! i wont !!!
ewwwwwww !!!
haha. ice cube can can !~

eeehhheee~~ terharu ??
wowowowo`~~~~ well ~ ur my cute little sweet friend ~~ ulalala ~~

Emina said...

hahaha, semoga berbahagia bersama hikaru <33

but then, cockroaches...
ergh, akak xleh tahan >.<

yuki hikari said...

emina nee-chan ;

oohh !! arigatou nee-chan !! semoga akk berbahagia dgn yuto-kun ~

hahaha !! kowai !!
cockroaches mnakutkan !!
mcm mne nak buat ni ~~
ala ~~~~~

Massy says said...


dont be afraid mira~
there's always help
from caunseling
pasai cockroaches :D

yuki hikari said...


haa ??
counselor ?
thats sound too bad ~
how about ..
i just use ridsect ??
my life would be easier ~
but even see cockroach i will run 10 miles ~`!!

Massy says said...

ridesct is no good!
1.pollutes the enviroment
2.goes into your lungs which is baad.
4.and it gots a cockroach photo on the front O_O

yuki hikari said...

LMAO !!!
i laughed at this just like crazy xD
yeah ur right ~
ur really love science and geo hurm ?
so any gooooood suggestion ??

Massy says said...


i know :D
kiss a cockroach and become one :X

yuki hikari said...

LMAO !!!

massy !!!
i rather kill you than kiss that bitchy monster thing !!!!

Massy says said...

u kill me i'll kill hikaru too >:)

yuki hikari said...

haaa ! u'll kill hikaru ? ,
ok .
* im died *
i'll kiss inoo !!

Massy says said...

woi !
sudah sudah sudah
no killing2
no kissing2

yuki hikari said...

okeh okeh ~!
stni aku tak dpt hikaru ,
hikaru tak dpt aku ,
hg tak dpt inoo ,
inoo tak dpt hg ,

so STOP !



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