Saturday, August 8, 2009

TRIAL.I HATE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anyone help me please???
i dont know what to do.
STUDY?? for ur information. I HATE BOOKS.
hell yeah. really do. who likes books??
nerdy : i do !! i do !!
miichan : SHIT ! why??
nerdy : because...
miichan : oh ! i know why !!!
nerdy : why??
miichan : because ur NERDY !! HA HA HA !!
nerdy : BALEBAH !!

do u know what BALEBAH means??

ok.i'll tell u.

BAA = ba.
LEBAH = bee.

HEE !!

so do ur thinking and join THEM !!
HA HA HA ! * not funny laah. its SHIT ! hee. i mean the meaning.

ok.back to the TOPIC !
anou, because i have to read books !!
i've studied some subjects..not some BAKAmira..! its just ONE !!
history.yeah.i studied history because i'm weak in that subjects. I HATE IT TOO !! YAY !

yamapi-kun !! help me plis?? come beside me .. cheer me up with ur gags !! onegai ~~
( i hope he heard this . )

hikka !! i wanna see ur smile to make me smile again !! ur smile only !! aah. and ur KAWAII face !!
hee~~ i love that face that will make me COMFORTABLE..!

yamapi to hikka !! i love both of u !! wasurenaide !!

AICHAN !! i miss u !!! <33333333333


unnamed said...

haahha.balebah?? yeahhh ~~ me too !! hate trial~

Jeshikar Wiillyams :) said...

Haha your so mean! poor nerdy!
actually i'm a nerdy too, i love reading books XD

yuki hikari said...

yeah anis-chan !! we both hate trial !! boo for trial !! boooo`~ !

yuki hikari said...

hahahha sorry honey !! me too.i also love reading books. BUT ! not school TEXTBOOK ! i hate them soo much :P

Massy says said...

hate trial or don't hate it,we already faced with it and it is DONE.woohoo!

yuki hikari said...

yeah yeah !! ohohohoh..but damn shit massy !! we're gonna face the one and only CHIKUSO PMR !! wpohpphphp``


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