Sunday, December 6, 2009


and it’s already been exactly seven years since you entered johnny’s entertainment. congratulations.

for this hikaru's birthday , i got new name for both me and hikaru , myka-chan .

hikaru + mira =myka ♥♥♥

so, 19 ne, you’re not underage anymore and as of today, i’ve graduated from being a paedophile. yay. seeing that i’ve always written about hikaru on my blog, i don’t think it’s necessary for me to tell you people why i love this man. because obviously, i’ve written the 4238237498 reasons of why i love this man on my blog repeatedly. yes? yes?

here, a little info about the birthday boy. yaotome hikaru, the moodmaker of JUMP. talented with everything, from playing the guitar and bass, to juggling, composing songs, basically his talents are unlimited. he keeps on learning new things. but one thing i really love about him is his random funny faces which can be spotted almost everywhere! lol. he might look like an idiot but actually he’s really smart. his insight on things are just too deep and his words are usually inspirational. seriously i’m not kidding.

oh wait, did i just mention the 42389 reasons again?

here what i want to say to hikaru-chan ~ just enjoy it okay ~ ?

to : hikaru yaotome

mirachan here , anou , im so mad of myself ,
since not wishing you happy birthday ,
thats because u dont online , but when i saw u online on your birthday ,
i was just like O_O .
u online ?? and then i cried cause i love you , but i dont wish you ,
i want to be the first person to wish you , but guess what ? i failed :(
forgive me ne hikari-chan ?? ( cute face ) ^^
okok , now ...
Guess what!!!
It’s your birthday today!! ( just think i wish u on ur birthday ok ?? hee )
So what I have to say?
now i call u hikarunrun .. and i dont know why , O_O
anyway... like it ?? hee ;D
i know its a little bit too late to wish you , sorry . :)

here i made special for you !! hope u will smile when u see this :))



ohh ! the bottom one ! mira.hika.mira.hika. hope u dont mad ~ i just love you <33

that ur eating ur 17th birthday cake !! how cute ~~~ ohh , i really want to sit on the chair beside you and help feed u ~ ohh , imposibble ne ??
anyway , this is for ur 19th birthday ,,

AHA !! TADAA !!! a cute dark brown chocolate for you !!! eat eat ~
the slice around the cake is the sum of our both ages !
u = 19
me = 15.
try count it , both 34 right ??
hee ;D. its just for fun !

The day you were born
It’s like heaven sent, all the beautiful and wonderful things in this world
You’ve been my source of courage
Passion, tranquility and above all
And this day will be the day
I will celebrate and profoundly thank you
For appear in my life

anou hikaru-chan , for ur birthday this time ,
i hope u will happy always ,
if i could , i would like to be ur tears and smile ( oh ! ur song with yabu-kun ! ) and the reason u wake up every moring .
me and my friends will always support u and hey say JUMP !
and i will always love u until the last sunset i will see ..
I hope I can make your dreams come true!
But. Part of me says my dreams has come true !
That dream is filled with you
Filled with love and happiness and laughter when u made jokes :D
But, mostly you!!!
What can I say
I love you <33>

You’re the only one I need
When I dream I dream of you
Dreaming someday I’ll be with you
Now that I have you..
All I can dream is?
Dream you will be mine forever.
All I can say is I love you!!!
I love you!!

now , credits to :

since she's the one who helped edit my profile ! thanks massy , ur my cute friend ever :)
she also make a tribute for me and hika-chan . wanna see it ??
tribute for myka-chan .

bella-chan .
she's commented on what i've wrote to hikaru-kun. thanks bella-chan.

lily-chan .
she's the one who made myka-chan for me.

myka ♥♥♥


Massy says said...

nk hikaru baca @_@

hikarunrun x mira forever!

why are you counting that?
soap ~

cam knal la stu ayat tu.hee

cute friend forever?
alalalala :*
the u are my noisy friend forever :D

Massy says said...

nk hikaru baca @_@

hikarunrun x mira forever!

why are you counting that?
soap ~

cam knal la stu ayat tu.hee

cute friend forever?
alalalala :*
the u are my noisy friend forever :D

yuki hikari said...

haaaa ,
tula ,
nak dya bca T_T

hahahaha . thanks.
inoo x massy forever !

hhahaha , i dont know ,
maybe dont know what else to describe ?

ayat ?
i will always love you until the last sunset i'll see ?

noisy friend forever ?
yeah ur my cutiey ~ :)

Massy says said...

awat comment aku ada dua?
o m g
i have another twin?!

haha.xpala lawak dah :D

no this one :
and the reason u wake up every moring .

kee :D

yuki hikari said...

yeah ur twin !!

hahahaha, lawak O_O
hope hikaru will read it T_T

yosh ! that one !
ohh ~ i love it ~
ur words ne ~ :D

Jeshiyuka said...

Haha, that was sweet~ very cute ^^
woahh, you love Hikaru very much ne ?

yuki hikari said...

jessie honey ;

yeah !! i love him so much sweetie !!! <3333

BeLLa^^ said...

Mira+Hikka=True Love baby XD
aha,,welcome ^^
u are super girl mira~~
glad u be my friend XDD(jiwang la plak)
aha,,anyway happy 4 u,,
alalala,,hikaru mesti pengsan punya @_@
syok sgt ngn mira
chu chu

yuki hikari said...

bella x yamada cute love babe :)
super girl ? O_O
i also glad to have u as my friend bella !! * hugs *
ahaaa~~ pengsan ?

薮宏太 lala said...

name anak..miichan n hikaru ker?

yuki hikari said...

hahahah , tak la lala , nme gabungan mira ngan hikaru , kwn miichan yg buatkan <3333

nme anak dah ade pon ~

meraroll said...

mirachan and hikaru.
semoga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu 7 keturunan dan selepasnya :]

Anonymous said...

you really like hikaru ne^^
i hope you can meet him
& nice blog ne~~~!
i enjoy it

yuki hikari said...

tweenie ;

woho ! 7 kturunan ~ mcm nanek kebayan plak ~

yuki hikari said...

kei-chan ;

thanks honey !!!
i really really hope i can meet him !
ohh , arigatou ~
u enjoy it ??
thanks god :D

meraroll said...

hahaha.nenek kebayan?
biasa laaaaaaa.
ubah2.9 keturunan dan selepasnya :]

yuki hikari said...

hahahahaha , lawak aih ;D

anyway , thanks tweenie !!

TsukixFishy said...

wahh! lawalaa blog akak. lg cantik dr blog tuski.
tanjoubi omedeto, hikaru dear.
hikaru, mira-chan always support you and hey say jump.
don't forget that okay? xD
mira-chan, you're the greatest neechan in the world!

yuki hikari said...

lawa ??
mne ade la syg ~
urs more beautiful ne ~
haah , gtawla ur brother ,
hikaru hikaru ,
anyway thanks ! :D
hahaha ,
the greatest nee-chan ??
awwww !! thanks honey !!
u too !!
love you <33333

Mrs. Kim said...

whoah , sayang gila kat hikka~ xD
btw , ni url blog yui baru;

jaa~ ! :]

yuki hikari said...

ni aifa ke ?
of course akak syg hika :D


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